Message from JAZA Chair

Zoo and Aquarium as “Museum of Life” ~for the realization of JAZA’s 10-year vision~

Yutaka Fukuda JAZA Chair Yutaka Fukuda
JAZA Chair

In 2013, JAZA has developed a 10-year vision for the ideal zoos and aquariums in 10 years hence, and participating institutions are working closely together to realize the “Museum of Life” at which visitors can feel, learn and convey to others how the life is marvelous, frail, and precious.
Now, the year 2017 is the 5th year since the 10-year vision has been developed. Especially this year, we are thinking of improving welfare of animals in our institutions and reproductive management of dolphins, although various approaches are needed to achieve the 10-year vision.
To make our visitors feel comfortable and pleasant during their time in zoos and aquariums, it is a fundamental principle that all animals look healthy and happy. In other words, we people engaged in zoos and aquariums have to be intent on improving environments of animals under our care from day to day. Animals will have a vibrant life in the comfortable environment and be able to succeed in the breeding.
Another important task for this year is reproductive management of dolphins.
Though dolphins are highly favored animals, yet their reproductive performance is far from our satisfaction. As a matter of course, it may take several years to put their reproduction fully into effect. However we must ensure that this year should be the inaugural year of the dolphin breeding project and we should develop a solid base of reproduction management by clarification of their kinship through each individual DNA analysis. We will also share knowledge on the reproduction of dolphins through the workshops with member institutions to advance dolphin breeding project step by step.
JAZA currently includes about 150 institutions. More than 80 million people visit our member institutions annually and the number of visitors has continued to rise in these 5 years. We will respond to their expectation and be loved by local residents through our operation, and also make our effort in order to play important role in community while cooperating mutually.