Office , Block, Committee

Office , Block, Committee

1)Public Relations Strategy Office

This is an office under the direct supervision of the Chairman established to develop the principles of JAZA and to consider measures for bringing about the realization of these principles.

2)Regional blocks

Each block has a representative director who holds consultative meetings, seminars and study groups within the block.
・Hokkaido Block
・Kanto and Tohoku Block
・Chubu Block
・Kinki Block
・Chugoku and Shikoku Block
・Kyushu and Okinawa Block

3)Executive Committees

These committees handle planning and implementation of every particular matter based on the project master plan.
Each committee consists of a Chairman, Vice- Chairman and other members, and also has subcommittees.

① Regional Committee
② General Affairs Committee
③ Universal Education Committee
④ Safety Precautions Committee
⑤ Conservapion Committee

4)Ethics and Welfare Committee

This committee gives advices and recommendations to members, and seeks to raises their awareness to adherence to ethics guidelines.


The Secretariat issues the animal handling compliances, the standards for animal care and storage and information materials pertaining to JAZA. It is also responsible for sales/management of JAZA publications, clerical work relating to support services for sections/committees for members as well as other duties.